The self-titled EP by Boomtown Riot is out now!

The self-titled EP by Boomtown Riot is out now!

Boomtown riot

When the front men of three prominent Minnesota bands join forces into one project its more than a rock band, its a riot. Equal parts Rolling Stones and The Killers, Boomtown Riot exploded out of Minneapolis in early 2017.

Jake Kemble fronts the group with a Mick Jagger swagger and a Jack White bite of electric guitar. Jeff Noller complements Kemble’s vocals with Beatles-esque harmonies, pulsing synths, and rhythm guitar. Jimmy Lyback thumps the bass as he adds a third harmony to the vocal mix. All while Jeremy Krueth pounds on an array of the best vintage drum kits that fill his drum shop in Northeast Minneapolis.

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With a name inspired by the bar-room dust ups of Wild West mining towns, Boomtown Riot brings that energy into the music. The songs off their debut EP smirk with youthful fervor while dancing from driving indie pop into delicate folk. Kemble and Noller craft the songs with one foot planted in 1960’s optimism and the other kicking open the door to the sounds of the future.  Lyback and Krueth provide the rhythm section honed by time served in the dive bar scene.

Together, this band is more than just a sum of its parts. Its passion, its pop, its sex, its life.
Its Boomtown Riot.

Boomtown Riot will finish recording their debut EP in the summer of 2017. A tour supporting the album is planned for the fall/winter of 2017.


"You could be having the worst day of your life, but watching Jake on stage will make you smile."

"Through the roof energy, ear-wormy tracks that are made to be sung along to, and a larger than life feeling"
Twin Cities Media

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